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Natural Cheese & Dairy Concentrates

Our unique range of Cheese and Dairy Concentrates are manufactured using finest quality cheese and dairy ingredients by innovative fermentation technology.


With ever increasing demand for low-fat and healthy food products, our Cheese and Dairy Concentrates can be added at very small addition rates, to replace cheese, butter or cream from a recipe, whilst still imparting an authentic dairy profile with substantial cost benefits. This allows our customers to formulate products with the desired mouth-feel, lower fat, calories and cholesterol.

Our Cheese and Dairy Concentrates are natural, clean label and are available in powder, paste and liquid formats. Benefits of using Concentrates are reduced costs (by as much as 40-80%), lower usage rates, nutritious and natural, long shelf life, improved functionality, easy handling and incorporate, possibility of customised taste and flavour profiles and reduced storage space.

CP Ingredients Ltd works in partnership with our customers providing technical and applications expertise to assist with new product development and value engineering by selecting suitable concentrates and usage rates.