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Flavours & Colours

C.P. Ingredients Ltd manufactures and developments flavours from the finest ingredients sourced globally. The C.P. Ingredients group draws on over 30 year experience in the flavour, colour and essential oil industry in order to provide flavour solutions to its customers. C.P. Ingredients continually strives to improve and develop new functional flavours to me exacting flavour profiles desired by its new and existing customers.



C.P. Ingredients wide range of flavours have been tailored to meet the exacting needs of the Ready Meal, Beverage, Dairy, Snack, Sauces, Bakery and Cosmetic Industries. C.P. Ingredients sells flavours to a global audience and prides itself on meeting the requirements of its global customers from a technical and regulatory view point.

C.P. Ingredients provides a full spectrum of dyes, pigments and natural colours for the Confectionary, Processed Foods, Bakery, Dairy and Pet Food Industries. Colours can be used to enhance the visual appeal of wide range of food and beverages and is available in liquid or powder form.

C.P. Ingredients has an extensive rage of extracts and essential oils sourced from around the world. Essential oils can we tailored to meet customers’ requirements.

All Flavours, Colours and Essential oils are manufactured from BRC approved facilities in order to meet our customer growing regulatory and quality requirements.