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Dairy Flavours

With a Dairy based product portfolio we also offer a Dairy-free solution to customers who are looking for the authentic dairy flavour profile of cheese butter and cream.

Our dairy flavours come in liquid and powder formats. Customized taste solutions have been developed for customers, and flavours can be developed based on various styles including different flavour profiles of cheese, butter and cream.

Our dairy flavours are currently used in applications such as Dairy processing, beverages, yoghurts, sauces, dips and desserts.


Dairy Flavours

Butter (extensive library) Blue Cheese
Cheese Cheddar Cheese  
Clotted cream   Condensed Milk  
Cream   Devon Crème  
Mature Cheese   Parmesan Cheese  
Sour Cream   Yoghurt  

NaturalNatural, ArtificialArtificial